Monday, August 9, 2010

Give Me Back My Baby Fish

Give me back my baby fish, give me my fish! What if it were you laying dead in this sack? If it were you cookin over the fire you wouldn't be laughin at all.
At Bed Bath & Beyond in the super duper clearance isle we came across a fish on a plaque that sings. It is one of those most annoying things but Colby and I fell in love and now we have a singing fish. We dance and groove to that thing. Honestly its the best thing since cotton candy! That's saying a lot.
Caubs and I went to the Pontious Family Reunion the last weekend of July. The reunion was at Whitney Resivour way far away in the Unitas but such an adventure. I caught my 1st fish! That was our 7th attempt to go fishing and I caught 6 fish. Colby caught 3 and he got the biggest one but most all of mine were good size. I would like to say I was a tough girl but I just couldn't touch them. Colby was the man and he took care of all the guts and fun. We had to kill one by smashing a rock on its head and the eyeball came splugging out, so cool. Fish guts are very interesting too. I love anatomy! It was most enjoyable to compare what we have to what a fish has. Yum Yum eat them up!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pissy Piss Pisser

I'm Pissed!
Why is it that every time something good happens something bad has to come?
And why is it that its so hard not to let the bad get to you?
No matter how hard you try!
I've never give up, and I never will, I just get pissed.
And Right Now I'm PISSED!
I need a cure for the Pissers because i'm getting pissed that i'm pissed,
and I want to enjoy my day off.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Painting the Roses Red

Look How Handy I Am! This is Caubs and I painting the Horrid paneling. We just finished our 2nd coat on Saturday and I can't tell you how much light we have in our house now. It looks so bright and I feel more at home. Next I'm gonna paint the doors and our free bench! Our free bench story is soooo good I've got to tell ya. About a month ago it was "Cedar Hills Dump Days" so large dumpsters were set all around town. One day I was driving home from work and there was this perfectly cute bench sitting on the side of the dumpster. I called my strong Caubs and now its sitting outside my front door. Its super cute and It was free. Now wasn't that
the greatest story?
I'll have to post pictures when we get everything hung up and in its place. Our back room has really had a transformation, new couch, I made curtains, I made pillows, and now bright walls. Its BEAUTIFUL!

No bike ride today!

This is Greyson...I don't know how to rotate the picture so you get to look at him like this. His mom, my big Sis Dominique, had to go back to work so I watch him a lot. He is a funny little turkey. He likes to be held all the time and he loves watching country western movies with Papa Coach. He he. He also LOVES being outside, so me being the kind and loving aunt took him a long stroller ride yesterday and now I have blisters on the bottom of my feet! Ouch. Oh well it made him happy. The other day I lifted him high up into the air and he so kindly spit up all down me. My hair, my neck, down my shirt, down my skirt, and into my pocket. I think he felt better getting all the out but I was gonna hurl myself. I'm grateful I have a loving husband that cleaned me all up.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The other morning I got up and went for a run. It was so nice out that I sat on my back step and ate icecream to cool off. That night it was still such wonderful weather I talked Colby into a run with me. Sad to say when we came home we each had a heaping cup of icecream with dirt (oreo) all over it. Yummy! So I guess both those runs were worthless. Moral of the story is, eat all the icecream you want just make sure to go for a run either before or after each serving, it cancels the calories!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm not very good at this I decited! But I need to do better because I understand there are a few people disappointed in me. Someday I will be an amazing blogger but as of now I suck! Sorry Carlie! There has come a time, and the time is now, where I feel the need to run away. That will never happen but I can sure wish.
My life is boring. My husband works and goes to school all day everyday. Every morning I get up, pack a lunch for Colby, make the bed, clean up the messes, go for a run, and study stuff that's interesting but I don't really care about it. So I feel like nobody would want to read a blog about that.
Oh, I just remembered my little Sis in France sent me the most amazing dress. See she felt bad about the whole UVU thing, and she couldn't call me, because she's on a mish, and she knows how much clothing and new items make my life better so she sent me this french dress. Its totally french! It has a high heel shoe and butterfly with all sorts of colors on it. My sis said it was the ugliest thing she had ever seen so she bought it because she just new I would love it. You see my idea of shopping is to find the ugly stuff that no one would wear and then make it beautiful. Plus no one buys the ugly stuff so most of the time its discounted. Yeah! I love bargains. My motto is, "Its so ugly its beautiful." What a wonderful Sis I have.
Well, I must say that was fun. Until next time O bla Di O bla Dah life keeps going on...

Monday, January 25, 2010


So... On January 7th I graduated from the MATC with my LPN! Yahoo! I got to do the little walk across the stage, parade around with my dipolma and and get my picture taken with some head honcho dude I have never seen before, it was quite an event. Colby said I was the prettiest girl there and he bought me chocolates, what a sweetie. My mom and dad both bought me beautiful purple flowers, Mindy gave me a Elect Lady CD, and my step sis bought me hair product (one of my favs). I'm happy about my accomplishment but I don't feel like I have much to show for all the hard work I put into the program. I guess I was hoping that my alternate position for UVU would turn into a real position and I would be proceeding towards my goal of becoming an RN. But no, it just so happens that UVU is a big poo! According to their school policy, "No one student will be considered an alternate if the first day of school begins and a position is not avaliable," because, "This would be making an exception, and exceptions create loop holes, and loop holes create flaws, and flaws make their program look bad." This stands strong even if, its the last semester they will be accepting LPN's into their program, even if they made an agreement with MATC to accept 5 students each semester, or if their stupid decsion costs someone their career, like me. well at least temporarily. I'm a bit bitter at the moment! I'm sure at some point in my life it will pass but for now I do not recomment UVU to anyone for nursing because they are uncaring, lazy, lying, hypocritical bickets. Well, I must say that was kind of fun to write a blog and Carlie will be very proud of me, I hope. I'll try to be better at this because I know someone out there was dying to hear my hurtful UVU story. XoXOXoxxO